Services at St James and All Saints

This page is about our forthcoming church services for this month and the next. See also description and normal monthly Pattern of our Sunday and weekday services. For information about requesting special services (baptisms, marriages, memorial services and funerals), see the Special Days page. For our current fund-raising and social events, see the Events page, which also shows some advanced information about planned special church services leading up to Christmas.

Details of services are also on A Church Near You for St James and St Crispin's and All Saints. This can be edited from the church office to give any emergency changes for weather or staff sickness.

Planned services

Services for October 2019
October Sundays 8:30 BCP Communion 10:00 at St James 11:30 at All Saints Evening Prayer
 6th, Trinity 16 St James Parish Communion Harvest festival Matins
13th, Trinity 17 All Saints Harvest festival service

20th, Trinity 18 St James Parish Communion Matins

27th, Last after Trinity St James Parish Communion

Services for November 2019
November Sundays 8:30 BCP Communion 10:00 at St James 11:30 at All Saints Evening Prayer
  3rd, All Saints St James
Baptism with Parish Communion
10th, Remembrance St James 10:45 Remembrance service 10:45 Remembrance service
17th, 2 before Advent St James Parish Communion Matins
24th, Christ the King St James Wider worship

Further information

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