Commemorating Chris Sennett


As our memorial to Chris Sennett, we have put on-line his collection of sermons preached in our churches over the years.

Exploiting progress in web technology since Chris wrote them, the sermons can now be shown as mobile-friendly web pages, which should be legible on any size of screen. They can also be printed and will then appear without the logo or navigation links.

During the Coronavid-19 "lock-down" sermons not on the website were converted from Word documents and added in HTML 5 mobile-friendly format. Please report any problems to the Website Manager (see Contacts page).

Chris's sermons are well indexed, which should suit different types of reader: 1 Church Season, 2 Chronological. His Index 3 Thematic still needs to be converted from Word format.

The church year runs from Advent (the Sunday falling on or nearest to 30 November) in one calendar year to the Sunday next before Advent in the following calendar year. The readings for the Sundays of each year are set according to the Lectionary, on a 3 year repeating cycle, with years identified by the letters A, B and C. To see the list of Chris's sermons for a particular year, click on one of the links below.

Church Year
2002-03 B
2003-04 C
2004-05 A
2005-06 B
2006-07 C
2007-08 A
2008-09 B
2009-10 C
2010-11 on