About St James church, Colwall

The secretary of the PCC of St James is Joy Conlon. The annual report to the annual parochial church meeting gives information on what is going on in the church. The page history and features of the church gives some information on its past.

Our Safeguarding policy explains how we implement the legislation for the protection of children and vulnerable adults while they are in our care. The named point of contact for these matters is Joy Conlon (via Parish Office or 07850 892559).

You might like to enjoy the views from the churchyard. The War Memorial is located in the nearby memorial garden. The Ale House, by the east gate to the churchyard, serves as the church hall for St James. It is used for various meetings and social functions, but is also available for hire.

Interested in genealogy?

For St James we have:

These can be consulted by arrangement.

Transcriptions of these Colwall Parish Registers are available on-line:

Previous registers and other archive information can be found in the Hereford Record Office. From the Herefordshire Council site, follow the Leisure, Libraries and Archives links.