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This web site is about St James the Great, the parish church of Colwall, and All Saints, the parish church of Coddington. The buttons in the menu (currently on the left of each page) will take you to various parts of this site as shown below. The parent page is shown by a different coloured background on its button.

The site aims to comply with the website standards defined by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and new pages are created to comply with the latest standard (HTML5). The task of updating the site so as to be easy to use on the small screen of a smart phone, possibly with a slower connection to the internet, has been a major challenge. The task is now under way, starting with this page.

Button and Description

This is the St James and All Saints welcome page, where you can find links into the main pages of the site.
Our parishes
On this page you can meet the Rector and Ministry Team and read about our churchyard and buildings. It also contains all the "official" information about the church.
This gives the times and details of the services taking place this month and next. It also links to the year's programme.
This page gives information about fund-raising and social events.
Your special days
This page contains links to guidance, prayers and useful information on some special events in our lives: baptisms, weddings, funerals and even moving house.
Perhaps you are wondering what the church is all about, or want to know what our position is on various religious matters. Try this page to find out.
Sermons link
A page of links to this or previous years' sermons. This has been updated (11 Jan 2016) so that the linked page varies with the context.
Take action
Join in the activities of the church.
Memorial pages
As well as a real churchyard, we have a virtual one, where you can leave a memorial of those you have lost. There is a link to our War Memorial pages.
This links to our photo gallery and to a church picture which changes daily. Until all pages are updated, there are some with links direct to Today's picture.
Site guide
This page.
Contact us
On this page you can find all our contact details and directions to our churches.

Buttons removed

Young people
This link to our services for our children and young persons groups has been removed, but will be reinstated if those services resume.
Our blog
This link led to a site for comments and opinions from various members of the church, but as the blog is inactive the link has been removed. If you want to reactivate it, please get in touch with the webmaster. The little icon against this link shows that the link is to a web page outside this website.