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Short Address at St James, Colwall on Sunday 20th May 2012 at the 10 o'clock Parish Praise service,

by Mrs Edith Mwamasimbi, visiting from the Deanery Link Parish of St Michael and All Angels in Mtwara, Tanzania.

First, we should all thank GOD for giving us life and for seeing this day. Let us Praise the Lord! I am very happy to meet with you, and to worship together with you today in Colwall Church in Ledbury Deanery.

In the other side, I'm very sorry for my colleague Joseph whom I was supposed to be with, but things went wrong for him when he was travelling from Mtwara to  Dar-es-Salaam. His luggage was stolen, (and he used to put each and every thing in it, including even his passport). So I'm very sorry for him because I'm missing his company. As you know, you are speaking English all the time, but I was expecting to be with Joseph so that at least I could talk/speak Kiswahili with him. I think you know that English is not our mother tongue, (it's our foreign language), so sometimes I'm mixing tenses, but I believe that we should understand each other.

St Michael's Church, Mtwara has a link with Ledbury Deanery since 2000. Therefore it is twelve years old now. We very much thank God for the link. The link shares in different things such as prayers, exchange of visits and supporting each other in development projects.

We have had three exchanges of visits for which our colleagues in Ledbury Deanery incurred all expenses. We thank you very much.  Through the visits we have learned about each other's cultures, challenges, strengths and needs.

Also we thank Ledbury Deanery for giving us financial support for construction of LikondeChurch, where the worship services take place in their new building even though it needs to make the finishing touches like floor, wall plaster and other things.

Through the link, St Michael's Mtwara has benefited a lot from Ledbury Deanery, especially for financial support for the following areas:-

The Church Council of St Michael's and All Angels in Mtwara have prepared a profile of the parish that has been submitted into the Ledbury Parish website in order to be publicised world-wide. As you know, Mtwara was situated in the southern part of Tanzania, which was the historical area suitable for tourism. Therefore, we thought that the tourists from different countries would come to visit Mtwara, and so St Michael's would get money through the hostel.

Apart from the profile, there are some challenges and strengths that face the parish, and the programme going on this year was two-fold:-

Thank you!!

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