Why go to church?

The short answer is, we go to worship God. But worship is a funny word - it is difficult to understand it without doing it. Worship is not like applause at a concert or a football match. God is not terribly interested in hearing people say, "You're the greatest, God". Worship is about coming to terms with the reality of God. To take on board the power that made heaven and earth; the love that can heal our wounds and the power to transform our lives. In other words, worship is about learning to look at the world and ourselves with God's eyes.

As part of this, we go to church to hear the bible and to pray. The bible is the record of God's dealing with men and women through the ages. The bible is a great book - it has human interest, love stories, poetry, action adventure and philosophy. There are always surprising things in it and it is good to have a bible reading and useful to have someone to talk about it.

Praying is like worship. We try to put ourselves into the mind of God, but particulaly with respect to our own problems. And praying is how we open ourselves to the needs of others.

The Christian life is not easy. You need all the help you can get to live it. Going to church is just one of the sources of help. Come along and you will be better for it.