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Mothers' Union is an international Christian charity with 4 million members in 83 countries. It is a worldwide fellowship and its members form one of the largest communities of lay Christians in the world. Members do all they can, through volunteering, giving and prayer to support families. It seeks to support marriage, families and family life around the world through a wide range of practical projects within local communities and by helping to influence policy at national and international level.

Mary Sumner who founded the Mothers' Union in 1896 lived as a girl in Colwall. She was married here in St James Church in 1848 - a connection of which we feel rather proud. We are very pleased that Mothers' Union members from around the region like to visit us here and hear about her life – and we can, and do, arrange teas for our visitors which helps us raise funds for MU.

Our branch in Colwall has about 50 members of whom about half come to our meetings. We meet once a month to share time together, enjoy each others company and to hear speakers on a wide range of topics. All our members however are very supportive of our aims and help with fundraising, playing an active role in many parish activities such as Mothering Sunday and Christingle Services and organising one of the Lent Lunches. We also join with members in the deanery and diocese from time to time.

Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 2.15pm, normally in the Ale House by St James' Church (but during January to March in St Crispin's Chapel at the Village Hall). The subject and location of each meeting is advertised in the parish magazine The Clock and visitors are always welcome. Please note you don't have to be a mother, married or even female to be a member! Many branches, including ours, now have men as members. If anyone needs a lift to the Ale House this can be arranged.

If you would like further information about our branch please contact Sue Humphrey 540870.

For more information about Mothers' Union please visit the website