St James Church Choir, Colwall

The church choir was re-formed in 1994 to help in leading worship on Sundays. It is a splendid team of people willing to give of their time and energy for this purpose. The choir is voluntary and members come as often as possible to the weekly practice on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm in St Crispin's chapel and to church on Sunday mornings at 9.15 for a "warm-up" before the 10.00 service. For the performance of larger scale music, we have a number of extra friends, who form the augmented choir and join the practice on Thursday evenings when needed.

The choir, who robe for special festivals and services, sing an anthem or song and a hymn during the administration of communion. Before Easter and Christmas we often do a special concert, with the augmented choir and orchestra. We have performed The Passion of Christ by Handel and the Faure Requiem. Another big event is the annual visit to Hereford Cathedral in late September or early October for the Diocesan Choirs Festival. We all enjoy the opportunity of singing in a large choir in that magnificent building with the inspiration of the Director of Music conducting and a fine organist playing a superb instrument - the culmination of many hours of hard work in learning the music.