Services at St James and All Saints

This page is about our forthcoming church services. For information about requesting special services (baptisms, marriages, memorial services and funerals), see the Special Days page. For our current fund-raising and social events, see the Events page. Updated times.

Services for April 2017
April Sundays 8:30 BCP Communion 10:00 at St James 11:30 at All Saints Evening Prayer
 2nd, Lent 5 St James Short Parish Communion followed by APCM:
Report, Minutes of 2016 APCM
Matins 4:00 St James: Requiem for Aleppo
 9th, Palm Sunday All Saints Parish Communion
7:00-8:30 Community Church: Time of Quiet
10th, Monday of Holy Week

7:00 St James: Holy Week Meditation
14th, Tuesday of Holy Week

7:00 St Crispin's: Holy Week Meditation
15th Wednesday of Holy Week

7:00 Community Church: Holy Week Meditation
13th, Maundy Thursday

7:00 St James: Holy Communion and foot washing, leading into all night vigil
14th, Good Friday 09:00 St James: short service to end all night vigil 10:00 Walk of Witness 11:30 All Saints: Good Friday Reflection 12:30 St James: Interactive Stations of the Cross,
  2:30 Eucharist of the Cross
16th, Easter Day St James
All Saints
Easter Parish Communion Easter Family Service
23rd, Easter 2, St George St James Wider Worship

30th, Easter 3 All Saints Parish Communion, with Baptism

Services for May 2017
May Sundays 8:30 BCP Communion 10:00 at St James 11:30 at All Saints Evening Prayer
 7th, Easter 4 St James
Parish Communion Matins
14th, Easter 5 All Saints Parish Communion
6:30 St Crispin's: Time of Quiet
21st, Easter 6 St James Parish Communion Matins
25 May, Ascension Day

6:30 St James: Ascension Day service
28th, Easter 7 St James Wider Worship

Further information

Minutes of 2016 APCM
Description and normal pattern of our services
Sunday Readings for church year 2016-17