Sermons from Church Year 2016-17

The sermons delivered at St James and All Saints churches in the current church year 2016-2017, of which we have a record, are stored here, most recent first. (For links to other years see the index to years page.) 2016-17 is a Year A in the three year cycle of the Lectionary.

If the speaker's script is available, there will be a link (to a web page) in the centre column. Where there is a recording, there will be a 'control' (to play the mp3 file) in the third column. Any other material available, such as a PDF file of slides or script, will also be in the right-hand column.

Occasion Sermon title and preacher Recording or other material
Trinity 5, Proper 10, July 16 Baptism - Melanie Horton
Matthew 13:1-9,18-23 
Trinity 4, Proper 9, July 9 The Yoke of Priesthood - Barrie Hinksman
Trinity 3, St Thomas, July 2, Faith - Ken Withington, at both St James and All Saints
Trinity 1, June 18 Trinity 1 - Andy Richardson
Trinity, June 11 Trinity - Barrie Hinksman
Pentecost, June 4 God the Holy Spirit - Melanie Horton (Baptism)
Easter 6, May 21 Rogationtide - Ken Withington at All Saints
Easter 6, May 21 Baptism and the Holy Spirit - Melanie Horton
John 14:15-21
Easter 5, May 14 He doesn’t make it easy for us - Tim Wright
Easter 4, May 7 The Gate - Andy Richardson
The opening words were not recorded. Andy is staying in rural France.
John 10:1-10
Easter 3, April 30 Recognition - Melanie Horton
The opening words were not recorded. Melanie is referring to the film 'The Cottage'.
Luke 24:13-35
Easter Sunday, April 16 Easter - Melanie Horton
Lent 3, March 19 The Woman at Jacob's Well - Anne Lanyon-Hogg
Notes for preparation of this reflection
Lent 2, March 12 Nicodemus - Melanie Horton
Lent 1, March 5 PC? - Andy Richardson
Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7; Romans 5:12-19; Matthew 4:1-11
2 before Lent, February 19 Worry - Melanie Horton Genesis 1:1-2:3; Matthew 6:25-end
3 before Lent, Proper 2, February 12 Keep things simple - Tim Wright
4 before Lent, Proper 1, February 5 Fasting and Salt - Ken Withington
Candlemas, January 29 Eyes of Faith - Melanie Horton
Malachi 3:1-5; Luke 2:22-40
Epiphany 2, January 15 Lamb of God - Melanie Horton
Epiphany, January 8 A story of Epiphany - Anne Lanyon-Hogg
Christmas 2, 2017 January 1 Power - Andy Richardson
Christmas Day, 2016 December 25 Talk and activity Christmas Traditions - Melanie Horton
Christmas Eve, December 24 Christmas then and now - Melanie Horton
Christmas Eve, December 24 Birth - Ken Withington at All Saints Midnight Mass
Advent 3, December 11 God's travel plan - Melanie Horton
Advent 2, December 4 People in motion - David Bland
Matthew 6:25-34
People in Motion
Advent, November 27 Advent - Andy Richardson at All Saints
Advent Sunday 2016, November 27 Advent - Barrie Hinksman
[Feedback welcome on this, the first successful recording from the new sound system.]
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