Seekers Leaders

Do you feel called to teach children about Jesus, God and the church? Perhaps you would like to contribute to the young in St James by helping out in this capacity? Do you have children in the Parish and would like to become more involves in a friendly, not too committed kind of way? Perhaps you are new in the area and have a few hours to spare? Then being a Seekers Leader is for you!! We certainly need helpers for our Sunday School, which is currently suspended. Our previous parent-leaders have relinquished the role as their children have left the age group for seekers.

Your commitment would involve preparing for, and leading a session for one of the 3 age-groups [5-7 years, 8-l0 years and 11+ years] on a Sunday morning. Training and help will of course be given wherever needed, plus material to follow within the church year [and if you don't like it, you can get on with: improvise!]. Some leaders did a number of sessions a month, others felt they could only 'give' one session a quarter. And that was just fine. No-one is interested in making you do more than your time schedule allows you to do.

Once every two or three months we used to have a meeting for all the Seekers leaders to discuss the rota, work ahead for parties [children's or adult's], train and exchange ideas, or plan trips for our youngsters. Oh, and there was the annual Leaders Do.

Sadly, because of the times we live in, every person working with children has to be vetted. And so in St James, we have a child protection policy in place, which we are very serious about. Frankly, we can't afford not to be!

If you are not put off by what you've just read, then please get in touch with the Rectory on 01684 540330.